Aid not coming through Rafah


$1m of aid – that’s a lot of food – is now en route to cross into Gaza, as agreed yesterday afternoon between ICRC and the Egyptian Government.

In a twist to the tale – it’s not coming through Rafah but through the Israel-Gaza crossing at Kerem Shalom – that lots of coordination right there. But in a mirror of the Israeli rule, Egypt won’t allow it to cross into Israel until terrorists stop firing rockets from Gaza at the convoy…

More soon.


Food aid via Rafah: breakdown

Reuters Alertnet notes that Mohamen Orabi, Egyptian ICRC North Sinai group head stated:

40 tons flour
20 tons rice
Some medical supplies

(The article also notes that Free Gaza made it on Saturday – they were carrying a ton of aid too.)


Rafah to open?

We’re seeing reports on Xinhua and AFP which seem to say that as part of the Egyptian-brokered 24-hour lull (tehdiyeh, like that from 19 June) they will open the Rafah border crossing to let in food aid supplies imminently.

No word on what or when – we’ll keep you updated.


Free Gaza video

A slight diversion from this site's non-political stance - but a useful video nevertheless from Free Gaza, documenting their latest trip: