COGAT and OCHA: Detailed reports of 24 November convoy


Theres some ambiguity over Mondays aid delivery so we will report both here.


(UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territories)

Good news:

45 truckloads of food and medical aid entered Kerem Shalom.
15 truckloads (of grain and animal feed) entered Karni

Grand total, 60 truckloads.

10 of the 45 trucks were destined for UNRWA and the rest were delivered to Hamas officials for distribution.

Bad news:

UNRWA states that 15 truckloads a day are required to sustain their support programmes across Gaza.


(Israeli Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories office)

Good news:

29 truckloads of food and medical aid entered Kerem Shalom total 661 tons.
20 truckloads were unloaded at Karni total 455 tons.

Grand total, 49 truckloads, 1,116 tons.
What was in the
Kerem Shalom trucks:

30 tons of milk and baby food

123 tons of rice

133 tons of dairy products

278 tons of flour and yeast

97 tons of cooking oil

440,400 litres of fuel were unloaded at the Nahal Oz fuel terminal.

33 Gazans entered Israel as patients or chaperones.

14 aid workers entered Gaza and 7 left.

Bad news:

Sufa (goods) crossing remained closed.

More tomorrow?