COGAT update 18 November


As earlier reported, Israel allowed 33 trucks into Gaza again today through Kerem Shalom.

Before the blockade, COGAT had detailed what was in the aid shipments – they are now releasing that detail again.

Bad news: Nahal Oz, Karni, Sufa (goods crossings) all closed.
Reasonable news: Kerem Shalom open for 33 truckloads – total 606 tons aid.
Good news: 48 patients and accompanists left for medical treatment. 4 aid workers entered Gaza and 3 left for Israel.

What was on the trucks?
70 tons milk powder and formula
79 tons meat, chicken and fish
121 tons dairy goods
50 tons Other foodstuffs
222 tons flour and yeast
57 tons oil
7 tons medication

We’ll find a more visually manageable way of representing this data shortly.