COGAT updates 23 and 24 November


Yesterday no Gazan rockets fell in Israel and so Israel allowed a convoy of aid and fuel into Gaza.

UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness said “It is just not enough,” to Reuters. UNRWA regularly states that it needs 15 truckloads per day to sustain normal operations.

OCHA oPt’s weekly report states that UNRWA suspended food distribution last week on 13 November and reinstated it on 17 November, the day of Israel’s last convoy of aid.

OCHA also reports that rolling blackouts continued in Gaza as only 13% of the Gaza power station’s needs were fulfilled last week.

Let’s hope for better this week.

A bit of good news:
still awaiting the details of what went into Gaza today (tonnage and variety).
Meanwhile, in the past 48 hours,
81 Gazans travelled into Israel for medical treatment (or to chaperone others).
And in the same time period
19 aid workers entered Gaza and 11 left.

Bad news (of course):
All goods crossings remained closed over the weekend.

Israel says that if rockets continue not to fall, aid will continue to go in.