(Semi-)Weekly summary - 16-20 November


Food and medical aid into Gaza

Since November 6, UNRWA and Israel have sent a combined total of 606 tons into Gaza, all in one 33-truck convoy. Since that convoy, this Wednesday, no further aid has entered Gaza, despite the Yediot Ahronot newspaper claiming there would be 30 trucks daily. 150 rockets have been fired into southern Israel from Gaza; Israel has kept all 4 goods crossings closed. This represents a below-average amount of aid.

Medical aid from Israel

107 patients (and chaperones accompanying them) came into Israel for medical treatment in the last 5 days. This is an average number of cases.

Humanitarian aid support from the international community

Aid workers continued to enter and exit Gaza throughout the week, providing a range of services through NGOs and the UN.
Also this week,
UNRWA appealed for an injection of core funding to continue its projects in Gaza. In response, the EU and the Catalan government immediately pledged €5.5m (about $7m). UNRWA is reporting a projected $160m shortfall in its budget this year.