COGAT update 30 December (part 2)


COGAT has published a comprehensive report detailing aid since November 5 2008 (22,246 tonnes in the last 6 weeks) and explaining Israel’s intentions to deliver aid throughout the current offensive:

Open contacts and 24 hour "hot line" with the International Organizations (UNRAW, ICRC, WHO, WFP, etc) in order to estimate the humanitarian needs and requirements, throughout the operation.

COGAT officers are working around the clock in order to facilitate the humanitarian requirements.

Throughout the whole operation COGAT will be in contact with all the relevant representative (MFA, ambassadors, UN, ICRC and NGO’S).

And interestingly:

COGAT is also in contact with the P.A. (Abu-Mazen/ Fayad), the Fatah civilian board at Gaza and the private sector, in order to assess the humanitarian needs and requirements as well as coordinating the entry of products and merchandise into Gaza.

The humanitarian assistance is an integral part of the operation