Statement from COGAT


The Israeli Coordination Office for Government Activities in the Territories has issued a statement about why the crossings are closed:


“Since November 5th, more than 200 rockets and mortar shells were fired by the different Palestinian terrorist factions from the Gaza Strip into Israel, putting the lives of the Israeli civilian population under threat and insecurity.

This risk and threat to the crossings became more evident over the last weekend (27th-29th November), on which in four different occasions the attacks were directed against the different crossings (Nahal Oz, Karni & Erez) and their vicinity, and also on 30th November (a rocket launched towards the Kerem shalom crossing). In one of these incidents 7 IDF soldiers were injured (of which two suffered serious injuries).

These Palestinian actions are the reason for the continued disruption to the activities of the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

We wish to emphasize our continued willingness to reopen the crossings, and to resume their activities, provided that the continued Palestinian breach of the Lull arrangement will end immediately.”