US UN representative: Libya attempt 'dangerous and irresponsible'


This one will run and run…

Libya petitioned the UN Security Council to condone Israel’s ‘act of piracy’ in turning the al-Marwa away from docking in Gaza. AFP reports that the SC refused to officially condemn Israel, and Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev, noted:

“No member State of this Council, nor any other member of the United Nations, would allow a shipment originating from a hostile state towards a territory that serves as a launching pad for terrorist attacks against its civilians.”

Seven of the 15 UNSC members raised their concerns over the deteriorating support for, and conditions in, Gaza, and noted their disapproval of Israel’s blockade.

A source in Tripoli apparently said that the boat will now have to return to Libya since it can't unload its cargo in el-Arish, Egypt. However, we're still waiting to find out if Egypt might transport it by road to a crossing point.