COGAT update 1 January


More aid yesterday, and there’s more on the way today.

60 trucks with 1360 tons of aid on 1 January
72 trucks expected on 2 January


Israel is also evacuating those with dual nationalities from Gaza at the request of their governments – this will presumably include a number of aid workers and their partners. Governments of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Norway, Phillipines, Turkey, Germany and USA are asking 443 people to leave Gaza and they’re bringing their embassies’ staff to Erez to pull them out today.

Let’s hope this doesn’t hinder the continuing evacuation of medical cases. Egypt and Israel both continue to station medical crews on the borders in case any emergencies come through.


liecatcher said...

Just a few questions.
How many tons of bombs are included in this so called aid? And how may tons of aid didn't Israel let through? How may tons of food is daily needed in Gaza? How many lies ar e you going to tell more inyour hasbaralies?