COGAT update 16 January


Just as Katya Adler on the BBC reports that the borders have been ‘mostly closed’, COGAT releases details of the aid that’s entered Gaza over from the Israeli border crossings of Kerem Shalom, Karni and Nahal Oz over the past two days:


3790 tons of aid on 174 trucks (104 on 14/1; 69 on 15/1)

Of these:
95 from private-sector donations
39 from UNRWA
22 from Jordan
6 from the West Bank and Israeli Arab NGOs
6 from ICRC
1 from Mercy Corps
1 from WHO

108,000 litres of diesel transferred directly to the power station

And Nahal Oz is full – no more fuel can be transferred into Gaza until it’s picked up by the NGOs responsible for its distribution across Gaza


That takes the total aid transferred via Israeli crossings since 28/12 to

29,112 tons of aid on 1,202 trucks
1,436,350 litres of fuel

You can watch the aid going in live here.