Islamic Conference encourages more aid


The Islamic Conference has finished its Extraordinary Meeting in Jeddah and, amongst other conclusions (our bold):

8. Expresses its appreciation for the humanitarian assistance provided by Member States since the beginning of the Israeli aggression, urges all Member States to provide assistance, and requests the Secretary General to keep up his work with Member States, the Islamic Development Bank and private financial institutions to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to Gaza, and reemphasize its support to the Palestinian National Authority and its legal institutions to address the consequences of the Israeli aggression and assist its efforts to reconstruct the damage caused by the Israeli aggression and occupation, and decides to sponsor a donors conference for this purpose


10. Welcomes the opening of the Rafah crossing by Egypt for humanitarian purposes, and took note of its assurances of readiness to work with concerned parties to allow opening of the crossing continuously in accordance with the agreements of November 2005 to realize the interests of the Palestinian people.