Lots of info from OCHA


OCHA’s field update has the following information to tell us about the 12th and 13th January deliveries:

·         12 Jan – Karni open – 27 trucks (part of 3129 tons). Oops, ignore what we said earlier about it not being open since 27 Nov.

·         13 Jan – Kerem Shalom open - 94 trucks (2310 tons of aid) including 50 trucks for NGOs

·         13 Jan – Nahal Oz open - 200,000 litres of industrial fuel

·         13 Jan – Rafah open – 21 medical cases treated in Egypt

·         13 Jan – Rafah open – 10 trucks (c. 250 tons), 17 doctors, 7 ambulances into Gaza from Egypt

·         13 Jan – JHCC agrees to upgrade aid deliveries to 150 trucks per day

·         14 Jan – Nahal Oz, Karni closed, no data on Rafah, Kerem Shalom open


Plus, on food distribution:

·         One million fifty thousand (1,050,000) people continue to rely on UN food assistance, though insecurity is constraining people from accessing what food is available, both in shops and through food distribution points.

·         On 13 January UNRWA provided food parcels to 2,156 households and distributed flour to 2,276 people

·         WFP also distributed 61 metric tones of food to approximately 1,000 households in Gaza city through its partner, CHF International

·         Due to limited fuel and water resources, WFP is prioritizing distributions of ready-to-eat consumables.


And on medical evacuations:

·         As of 11 January, 70 patients were cleared for evacuation to Egypt through Rafah but remain in Gaza due to the slow flow of evacuations at the crossing (but see above for a chink of light)

·         Outstanding urgent medical needs include medical equipment for intensive care units and orthopaedic material


And on the water sanitation issue in Beit Lahiya:

·         … As of 13 January, UNRWA was unable to deliver fuel for pumps to the Beit Lahia Wastewater Treatment Plant to alleviate pressure at the treatment plant

·         … On 13 January, CMWU received four truckloads of spare parts form the Palestinian Water Authority in the West Bank to assist with repairs