OCHA and ReliefWeb roundup


Loads of aid on ReliefWeb, catching up from their Christmas break: here it is in short.



  • 3 Jan – Bahrain sent 80 tons of medical and food aid to El-Arish, to be transported to Gaza
  • 3 Jan – Turkey sent the previously-promised 13 tons of medical supplies
  • 3 Jan – Libya sent 30 tons of medical supplies by plane to El-Arish, to be transported to Gaza
  • 3 Jan – Syria sent 230 tons of food and medicine in an 11-truck convoy
  • 2 Jan – Russia sent two planeloads of food, medicine and tents to El-Arish to be transported into Gaza
  • 1 Jan – Sudan Doctors Union sent a convoy of medicine, surgeons, anaesthetists and medics
  • 1 Jan - Greece sent two planes with 28 tons of blood and medical supplies, plus government officials
  • 30 Dec – Spain sent 50 tons of medical supplies on a truck convoy


  • That’s a total of more than 431 tons from international partners (to add to NGOs’ and Israel’s existing 10,000 tons)



  • 30 Dec – Spain pledged $1.5m to provide medical supplies to Gazan hospitals, enough for 4 weeks
  • 1 Jan - WorldVision launches $1m appeal to provide 50,000 most affected in Gaza – click to donate
  • 1 Jan – UAE’s ICRC received 3m dirhams from private iniatives to be used for buying and transporting supplies to Gaza
  • 2 Jan – In response to UNRWA’s appeal, India pledged $1m in general aid
  • 2 Jan – Mercy Corps pledged 4 tons of food basics for a future shipment



  • 3 Jan – Mahmoud Abbas met with Indonesia’s relief team in Amman, ahead of a $585m pledge
  • 2 Jan - 9 Palestinians wounded in the conflict were evacuated to hospitals in Saudi Arabia
  • 30 Dec – Jordan’s King Abdullah encouraged Jordanian aid workers to set up field hospitals


Every little helps...