ReliefWeb wakes up


Finally ReliefWeb have returned from their break and begun reporting UN OCHA news again.

Today: OCHA’s current situation report in full.
From an aid perspective:

·         An Emergency Operational Room was set up by the PA Ministry of Health (Ramallah) in collaboration with WHO to follow up the health situation in Gaza. The operation room will provide assessments of requirements (pharmaceuticals, consumables, equipments and spare parts), follow up on the response of international community, and address referrals of injured and other patients.

·         UNRWA food distribution was cancelled today [4 Jan] due to Israeli military activity, except in southern Gaza where the situation is calmer

·         WFP was able to distribute bread to 13 hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip today. CHF, one of WFP's main implementing partners, distributed food yesterday in North Gaza but have not been able to distribute today in Khan Yunis due to security reasons and movement restrictions

·         UNRWA has donated 75,000 liters of fuel to CMWU, though only 35,000 liters has so far been distributed due to the fear of moving fuel tanks in the current security situation. The situation remains critical: in northern Gaza, for example, the water and sewage networks have enough fuel to continue operations for 2-3 days only

·         The World Health Organization reports that 105 patients have been transported through Rafah for treatment outside of Gaza [in Egypt and Israel] since the beginning of Israel's military operation on 27 December

·         A number of donor partners have pledged contributions to the Humanitarian Emergency Response Fund (HRF) in recent days. Funds are already being disbursed for urgent projects in the Gaza Strip, including $250,000 to WHO for the procurement of surgical kits, $200,000 to Islamic Relief to provide food and blankets to eight hospitals, and $130,000 to a PARC project to provide Gazans with torches, batteries and dry food


Current urgent requests by UNRWA and OCHA for aid follow…