Updated COGAT report: 6 January aid, fuel and power through widened corridor


Yesterday Israel widened its aid corridor and coordinated the influx of aid with a 3 hour lull in fighting.

Hamas voluntarily mirrored the lull, and the aid agencies were coordinated in advance via the Tel Aviv situation centre, so the flow of aid into and around Gaza was greatly improved.

In an unusual update, COGAT have reported that the amount of aid going in was even better than expected – even including the new fuel pipeline.

So here are the updated details:

76 trucks carrying 2068 tons of aid

482,000 litres of diesel for the power station

92,000 litres of diesel for the UN

43 tons of gas for domestic use

Plus this very good news:

The Coordination and Liaison Administration also coordinated the movement of 14 ambulances from Shifa hospital to the Rafah border crossing to facilitate medical evacuation of wounded. Further coordination activities included transport of fuel tankers to replenish diesel supplies in hospitals in the northern region, and coordination of access to main power lines to rehabilitate the power supply. Works are underway and are expected to be completed over the next few days. Supplies for the electrical infrastructure are scheduled to be shipped tomorrow (8.1.2009).