WFP announces food aid programme


Bizarrely even though the UN’s World Food Programme has been distributing food since at least 2007 – and in practice a lot earlier – they have chosen today to announce the launch of an emergency relief programme to Gaza’s most needy.

First, the good news:

”…on Thursday WFP started an emergency distribution of bread in Beit Hanoun for 3,000 poor families - some 15,000 people who have not previously received WFP food assistance. This area in northern Gaza is one of the poorest and most heavily affected by the recent conflict…”

And then the bad news:

The recent attacks in the Gaza Strip have prevented WFP and its partners from operating at full capacity and have delayed the normal distribution of food to 265,000 non-refugees and vulnerable individuals.”

WFP is also claiming it is out of food, which is a cause for concern. Perhaps it is time that the aid organisations started working more closely with each other:

“WFP has 3,300 tons of food in warehouses which will be drawn down over the next month as food distributions for 265,000 people resume, security permitting. More food convoys to Gaza are planned to replenish stocks for current and new food needs.”


WFP also called for $9m in urgent aid: please click here to donate.