COGAT update 27 November


Good news!

Israel allowed an aid convoy into Gaza on Wednesday 26. Including Jordan’s 10 trucks, OCHA and COGAT agree the following:

Kerem Shalom:
437,420 litres of fuel for the power station
130 litres of gas
60 tons milk powder and baby food
57 tons rice
183 tons meat, chicken and fish
83 tons dairy products
60 tons sugar
362 tons flour and yeast
6 tons medication
Total 865 tons on 39 trucks

264 tons wheat
396 tons animal feed
Total 660 tons on 20 trucks

That’s a total 1525 tons on 59 trucks – still well below average but a significant improvement on last week.

21 patients and chaperones went for medical treatment in Israel
7 aid workers entered Gaza and 6 left for Israel

Bad news:
Sufa still closed. But everything else open!

Let’s hope this signals the return to a more ‘normal’ state of affairs for Gazan aid soon. No word yet on whether Libya’s 3000 tons has arrived – we’ll keep you posted.