Weekly summary: 23-29 November


COGAT reports that last week saw a return to near-normal conditions for aid passage into Gaza: the passages were open Mon, Weds, Thur and Fri, and two major aid convoys entered the Strip, on Monday and Wednesday. Bad news:
Sufa crossing (which would enable extra aid capacity) stayed closed
40 rockets were fired from Gaza Good news:
40 trucks entered through the Karni conveyor
78 trucks entered through Keren Shalom crossing
877,820 litres of fuel and 130 tons of gas entered the Nahal Oz fuel terminal
187 Gazans entered Israel for medical treatment, or to chaperone others
46 Gazans entered for ‘humanitarian reasons’
59 aid workers (and, we are now told, press corps members) entered Gaza and 63 left for Israel
Israel and Egypt maintained their constant input of 163MW electrical power to Gaza
Total for the week (COGAT figures):
2641 tons of aid on 118 trucks
877,000 litres of power station fuel
130 tons of gas When provided by UNRWA, we’ll provide detailed breakdowns where possible of who provided the aid and its intended destination.