Israel appeals to UNRWA


This from the horse’s mouth – the official call for help from Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Israel establishes the humanitarian corridor and ceasefire for Palestinian civilians just as UNRWA decides to pull out:

Israel views the humanitarian work being carried out by the international aid organizations in Gaza, headed by UNRWA, as very important, especially during this period of hardship to the local population due to the ongoing fighting.

Israel is committed to do everything to assist these organizations in performing their work and is prepared to conduct a positive dialogue with them in order to solve any problems that may develop. The channels of communication are open, and should be used for the benefit of the civilian population in Gaza.

Israel decided to establish "humanitarian recesses" in its military activity in order to enable the civilians in Gaza to supply themselves with food and water and to receive medical treatment, and to enable the aid organizations to carry out their work properly and as safely as possible.