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We wish we could release the COGAT report – it really does show how much Israel and Egypt are cooperating to repair some of the damage to civilian infrastructure caused by the fighting over the last two weeks.

However, in lieu of releasing the document online, we can provide it by email on request.

In the meantime, here are the headlines:


·         From Israel: Of the ten high-voltage lines that Israel uses to supply 124MW of power to Gaza, 6 are damaged
3 were fixed 7-8/1/09; 3 are due to be fixed today/tomorrow

·         From Egypt: Of the two high-voltage lines that Egypt uses to supply 17MW of power to Gaza, 1 was damaged and is now fixed
Unfortunately it carried the majority – 12MW - but it was fixed on 7/1/09

·         From Gaza: The power station, which can produce 60-80MW, has been offline while diesel stocks ran too low and the main line out was damaged

·         Israel is in the process of transferring the necessary fuel – 0.7m of 1.5m litres so far – and once restocking is complete it will reopen

·         The local power station staff are fixing the line and it was due to be finished on 8/1/09

·         And 20 transformers and other parts are being transferred by Israel at the request of the power station staff and should have been transferred 8/1/09


Water treatment

·         Israel has transferred enough hypochoric (?) acid to treat and asnitise all Gaza’s water supplies for a month

·         Mahmoud Abbas has requested a number of generators be supplied to water treatment plants – these should be supplied over the next few days



·         Local staff at the North Gaza Treatment Plant have asked Israel to provide a range of equipment and expertise in order to get the treatment plant working again (this treatment plant has been one of the foci of major concern by Oxfam and others over the past few days).


There’s more detail in the file – we are happy to pass it on if requested.