COGAT: 4 hour daily ceasefire from today


From today, apparently, the 3 hour ceasefire will become a 4 hour ceasefire so that more aid can get through.

And in an update to last week’s in-depth report on the electricity situation:

·         Electricity grid has now been repaired

·         Power in Gaza is now at 74% (from 40% this time last week) – that means far fewer rolling blackouts. IDF credits ICRC and the Palestinian Energy Authority staff for helping them to coordinate the repairs


Karni conveyor is open today – expected to bring grain, food and other basic supplies in.

We think this is the first time Karni has opened for transfer of aid since November 27.

Nahal Oz fuel silos are open today – expected to fill up with fuel for infrastructure and public services                              

And Kerem Shalom is open today – expected to see another 100-plus trucks, twice that being provided before the corridor opened


More details as we get them.